Export Yacht Sales

What is involved in purchasing a yacht?

Purchasing a yacht is a process, and Export Yacht Sales is there every step of the way. Here are the steps of the process, when no problems are encountered:

  • You decide what you want and why, detailing your specifications, needs and desires.
  • Select several yachts that interest you. This gives Export Yachts a better idea of what you like in a vessel.
  • Contact us to discuss your possible purchase. We'll help you find the right yacht for YOU!
  • We draw up an offer contract and you make an offer to the yacht seller. The seller has a day to respond.
  • If the seller signs the offer contract, then the buyer has two weeks (unless otherwise noted in the contract) to inspect the vessel, do a sea trial and an engine and hull survey.
  • We draw up an acceptance document for the buyer to sign.
  • The acceptance document is given to the seller to sign.
  • There generally is a two-week timeframe before closing. During this period, the buyer secures financing, arranges for shipment of the yacht or local dock space, applies for insurance, and prepares for taking ownership of the yacht. Also during this time, the paperwork is being processed. Export Yacht can assist you, the buyer, with all of these processes.
  • At closing, ownership and monies are transferred.
  • After closing, we can assist you, the new owner, with any further needs you have.