Export Yacht Sales

What information do I provide?

Before you contact a yacht broker, you need to gather and decide on some particulars of the purchase. For example, what type and size of yacht do you want? What are you willing and able to pay? Are there any specifics you want in your vessel for comfort and style? How do you intend to use the yacht - racing, casual cruising, extended cruising, investment, charter, tax shelter, second home, liveaboard, or something else? 

Certain types of yachts are unsuitable for certain uses, and there are other considerations, such as legal, financial, insurance and other requirements that may differ by use or type/size of the yacht. For instance, some vessels are difficult or impossible to insure, as are certain skippers who lack experience or have negative information on their maritime records. Some yacht types may not be insurable or suitable for certain types of voyages or uses. Additionally, co-ownership must be planned for in advance of purchase.