Export Yacht Sales

What problems might I run into during a purchase?

There are three possible problems:

  • There always could be some type of hidden or undetected defect in a yacht. Our pre-purchase efforts (i.e. inspection, sea trial and survey) should discover any problems that may exist before you sign the acceptance. If it's possible to locate an existing problem before the sale, we put our best efforts forward to do so.
  • If the sale price is a rock-bottom price, is being sold "as is" or below market value, or the seller is in distress, nothing you do before the purchase will impact the final sale price. Though the inspection, sea trial and survey are still required by lenders and insurance carriers, their results will not give you leverage to negotiate a better deal. You even may find that, if you still wish to purchase the yacht, you will have to make any needed repairs yourself. These are all things that must be considered before signing the acceptance.
  • A hidden lien could be missed during the title search. We go above and beyond the normal title search to ensure you don't encounter such problems after the sale.