Export Yacht Sales

Export Yacht Sales

September 2014 Sales Report

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

With 2,414 brokerage boats selling in September, the U.S. market was off by 7 percent in total boats sold compared to the same month in 2013.  Although not as many boats sold, average selling prices improved.  One of the reasons for increased average prices was that sales were higher in the pricier 46- to 55-foot range in which the average boat of this size sold for $279,000, some 11 percent more than a year earlier.  Sale prices were also higher in the 36- to 45-foot range where sales increased 5 percent and the total price paid was up 9 percent, driving average prices up from $121,000 to $126,000. 

Most of the drop in sales came in the two smallest segments, under 26 feet and 26 to 35 feet, which are higher volume and lower price. While not as many boats were sold, average price increases were also noticed in the small-boat segments. While the highest-volume size range, 26 to 35 feet, saw lower sales by 7 percent, with 962 boats sold, sale values actually increased by 1 percent, and the average sale price was up 9 percent from $50,000 to nearly $55,000. Among boats below 26 feet, sales were down 15 percent, with 635 boats sold, but average pricing increased 5 percent to $14,000.



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